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What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is a renewable energy source, which means the energy is gathered from a natural resource. Solar Energy is normally gathered using solar panels, They work by allowing photons(or particles of light) to remove the electron from an atom creating a flow of energy.

Where to put solar panels?

Normally, solar panels require a huge space to be allocated to them.

But you can also add them on top of your house making it more space efficient.

Why use solar energy?

In this age, we are overusing fossil fuels, like coal burning and more. These things are slowly destroying the earth, with a prime example of global warming. If we keep using fossil fuels, which is a limited resource, we will soon run out of it. Fossil fuels take millions of years to be created by the earth and we are using it up faster than it is created.

If we use solar energy, or any other renewable energy source, then we will be harnessing energy that is being sent to us everyday. Everyday, the sun sends about 3 trillion watts of energy, enough to power everybody on earth for a whole year.

Why is solar Energy the best?

Solar Energy is the best renewable energy source because they work all the time. Although they work best during the day, They also produce a small amount through the night, as well as through the clouds.

Why you ask? Because the moon reflects sunlight so it is still able to take some, and sun light shines through darkness.

Few Projects using solar energy

Solar Powered Sinks

A company named Sloan, who makes sinks, has developed bathroom sinks with solar panels on top. These solar panels are connected to a battery which then uses the electricity to power the motion detector. The extra energy can be sent anywhere. Although these are inside, They work by absorbing energy from the bathroom light.

Solar Powered Crop drying

In Purdue University in Indiana, America, a professor named Klein Ileleji with a few students started up this project specially for small holder farmers in Africa. The project was started because small holder farmers don’t have the money to buy crop dryers and so they created a solar powered one which is cheaper and cleaner, though it can’t hold as many crops.

My House

In fact, my very own house is a pilot project for solar energy in India. My house generates the very electricity we use. Like the air condition, Light and more. The electricity that we don’t use is then sold to the GEB (Gujarat Electricity Board).

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